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Wellness & Wonder
Supplement service for a dystopian future
Salone del Mobile 2018
Wallpaper* Handmade
"Having observed that supplement-taking has become a daily routine for many, Alexander Purcell Rodrigues decided to create a design that would elevate this everyday act from the mundane. Instead of simply pouring pills out of a plastic container, he imagines a new ritual that takes cues from a fine-dining table setting. To give this idea the materiality and gravitas it deserves, he collaborated with two respected Slovenian companies, stone specialist Marmor Hotavlje and artisanal blacksmith Kovacija Krmelj. The former has turned a piece of its own dark grey marble into a nesting plate, cup and fluted tray that appears to hover above the table top, while the latter has meticulously hand forged a pair of Damascus steel serving tongs." Wallpaper*
Photography credit: Alberto Strada