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Cabachon Vases
Reinterpretation of 70's bourgeoise materials
Salone del Mobile 2018
Cabochon is a type of gem that is polished not faceted.
Tasked with the brief to envision Silipol in a context completely outside the expected, Alexander Purcell Rodrigues Design developed a series of vases with the idea to encapsulate Silipol, setting it a as if it were a precious stone. Clasped in a ring of brass fins which both contrasts and centers your attention on the material. We chose to present Silipol at a scale where you are forced to look closer at the material composition. In doing so,  you may see the inherent beauty of its unique structure and color spheres. Here Silipol is elevated to the position is should be considered from, an intriguing, tactile and stunning material that can be used for any application you can possibly envision. 
Photography credits: Alberto Strada