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Pill Dispenser
Wellness & Wonder
Salone del Mobile 2018
No longer is supplement taking seen as something solely for those with a medical condition or perhaps the more chronologically enhanced. Throughout the 21st century this routine has transcended every age group as a personal choice to enhance ones diet. A phenomenon which combined with the decreasing nutritional value of industrial farmed food and the increasing world food shortage crisis, may shift from being a dietary preference to a dietary requirement. We explore the idea of elevating the process of supplement intake from pouring pills into your hand out of a plastic container as you run out the door to the office into a daily dining ritual which takes the center stage of one’s table setting.

To give this idea the materiality and gravitas it deserved Alexander Purcell Rodrigues Design has collaborated with two renowned Slovenian companies. Marmor Hotavlje stone specialist since 1721 at the forefront of the architectural and super yacht industry along with Kovacija Krmelj an artisanal blacksmith with close to a hundred year years of heritage. 

The unique and elegantly structured dark grey marble selected came from Marmor Hotavlje’s own quarry. Sophisticated stone cutting technology has been combined with the tactility of human touch as their highly skilled stone masons create a marble serving tray from this monolithic material which appears to hover, floating in space above the tabletop. Their precise handiwork allows its delicate fluted design to to evolve from concave to convex and back again. The serving tray is paired with a complimentary nesting plate and cup the same stone and juxtaposed with a meticulously hand forged Damascus steel tongs that emphasise the a craft where brute force meets exceptional precision